Franchises - LA BELLE & LA BOEUF
A: You will need between $450,000 to $500,000 of unencumbered cash.
A: The purchase of a turnkey Belle et Boeuf restaurant ranges from $900,000 to $1.200,000. Certain factors, such as landlord's participation, local labour, material costs, legal requirements, conditions of the space to be leased..., will determined the final cost.

A: The initial Franchise Fee is $25,000 and the services provided prior to opening include:

  • Use of concept trademarks, logos and proprietary products and services
  • Site selection based on proven selection criteria
  • Design and specifications according to The Beauty and The Beeeef model
  • Supervision of all interior and exterior construction
  • Assistance with all pre-opening activities, including national purchasing, coordination with suppliers, municipalities and trades
A: Royalties represent 5% of gross sales (excluding taxes). Marketing expenses are 2% of gross sales (excluding taxes).

A: The royalties allow you to benefit from ongoing services such as:

  • Use of Recognized and Advertised Trademarks
  • Use of confidential operating manuals
  • Support to meet hygiene and sanitation standards
  • Centralized purchasing and distribution
  • Ongoing support and operational direction
  • Continuous Research and Development
  • Quality Control
  • Advertising and Marketing by Head Office
  • Design and construction

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