The 18th century was a time quite different from the one we are currently living.

It was a difficult time. There was a time of fables and forests, wars and famine, plague and epidemics. Moments like this make the best of some and stand out the worst of the others. They produce extraordinary villains and they give birth to heroes of great renown.

In the 18th century, during the war – Gracia. She was a little woman, the last person imagined as a hero, but she had a big heart and that’s what matters most. Very large was his family: a husband and seven children to support. All had an equal place in his heart, so great and full of goodness as he was.

It turns out that the city of Gracia was hit by war and life took a turn for the worse. Gracia’s husband, noble as he was, was fighting to help the poor and free his people. Gregory, Colonel Gregory, after defending his people, was unfortunately wounded and illness seized him. He later realized the superhuman strength of Gracia, the love of his life, which succeeded in raising the children while caring for him.

He knew how to handle arms and direct an army … but it was the latter who herself took her family out of misery. Gracia the nurse took care of her family and her people by feeding and nursing them, without ever complaining or losing a smile.

The husband was a strong man, but never as strong as his beloved. The father was strong, but the mother was stronger. All his beliefs shook his heart, for he now knew that the strongest human being is the woman, not the man. The male was the beautiful and the beast was the female. Hence the name La Belle who is the man and La Bœuf who is the woman.

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